Neurosurgeon`s Bail Reduced

Neurosurgeon`s Bail Reduced Bail was reduced Wednesday for a South Jersey neurosurgeon who is accused of shooting his wife.

Joseph Coladonato, 61, is accused of shooting Eileen Coladonato, 57, in the chest on Friday in front of their home in Barclay Farms. He has been charged with attempted murder.

Coladonato's bail Friday had been set at $1 million, but his attorney, Jeffrey Zucker, got the bail lowered Monday to $400,000 cash or bond.

Assistant Prosecutor Sally Smith asked that the doctor's bail be high. She argued that he was a threat to his wife and that he tried to cash in more than $1.2 million in assets in an effort to flee.

Police said that Eileen Coladonato had moved out of the family home several days before the shooting. She returned to the home Friday to retrieve clothes and medicine for the couple's 13-year-old daughter and that was when the shooting took place. Authorities said the daughter witnessed the shooting.

Sally Smith, the assistant Camden County prosecutor, told Eileen's side of the story in court.

"(He) pointed that gun at Mrs. Coladonato's brother and fired. He pointed the gun again and fired again and she was shot," Smith said.

The doctor's wife was hit in the chest with a shell from a .38-caliber handgun called a wadcutter, a round normally used for target practice. Eileen Coladonato was treated at the hospital and released.

Outside of court, the doctor's attorney said he wasn't trying to kill his wife.

"I think he fired the gun in an attempt to scare her and her brother away from the house because he was assaulted by the brother who pushed the door in," Zucker said.

Sources said it was unlikely that Coladonato could make bail because his wife had his assets frozen.

If he does make bail, he must turn over his passport and report to the court. The court said Coladonato could live with sister in Sussex County, Del., but he must not have contact with the wife and daughter.

Joseph and Eileen Coladonato have been married more than 35 years and have five children together.

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