15-Year-Old Driver Kills

15-Year-Old Driver Kills A 15-year-old driver's high-speed ride Sunday night ended in a deadly crash in Gloucester Township, N.J.

Around 8 p.m. Sunday, an off-duty state trooper saw a Chevrolet Astro van involved in a minor collision on Sicklerville Road in front of the Lamb's Terrace fire station.

The trooper saw the van leave the scene of the accident and followed it to get its tag number. The van took off at a high rate of speed, ran through a stop sign and collided with a Honda Civic at Pine Glen Lane and Jarvis Road.

"He came down here at a high rate of speed, didn't stop for the stop sign and broadsided the Honda," said Frank Tine, a witness.

The Honda and the van ended up on Tine's lawn, and so did the injured -- David Lewis, 40, his 5-year-old daughter and Anthony Chabalowski, 43, who was walking his dog with his wife.

"The minivan flipped. It was coming over across the street and flipped in the air and it hit Tony while he was standing on the other side of the street with his dog. At that point, Tony was knocked 30 or 40 feet underneath the boat," said Greg Martin, a witness.

Chabalowski suffered a number of broken bones. He is in critical but stable condition. Lewis died at Cooper Medical Center three hours later. Lewis' daughter was scared, but uninjured.

"Lewis' 5-year-old daughter happened to be in the vehicle. She was restrained. She was not injured," said Camden County Prosecutor Vincent P. Sarubbi.

Sarubbi said there were two 15-year-olds in the van -- a girl and a boy. The boy was driving, but the van belonged to the girl's father. Neither teen had a driver's license.

Sarubbi said the driver faces possible vehicular homicide and aggravated assault charges.

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