Divorce Papers Reveal Obsession

Divorce Papers Reveal Obsession NBC 10 News has uncovered details of allegations against Daniel Elliot made by his estranged wife.

Elliot is the 43-year-old South Jersey man who is accused of luring away a 14-year-old Deptford girl from her home.

Last week, Elliott was apprehended in Mexico in a beachfront house with the girl and he is now being held in Gloucester County Jail on $1 million bail.

NBC 10 News obtained the divorce papers filed by Elliott's estranged wife. The papers were filed the day after Elliot was found in Mexico. According to the divorce complaint:

Elliott began developing an abnormal attachment to the teenager.

He completely withdrew from his family and children and became a recluse.

He allegedly bought the girl a laptop and exchanged instant messages.

He invited the teen to a family dinner and bought her alcohol.

Elliott allegedly bought her a heart-shaped diamond solitaire ring worth $971.

When confronted about his alleged relationship with the 14-year-old girl, he became angry and threatening.

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