Tornado Hits Cherry Hill

Tornado Hits Cherry Hill A tornado touched down in Cherry Hill.

"A black cloud came over and everything went up in the air. The light polls went, the shopping carts went," said one witness.

Everything the cloud lifted up was thrown back down with a vengeance.

One bank employee said, "I started screaming to like the 20 people in the vault area and in the mortgage section, tornado, tornado. And that's when Peter started screaming."

Peter said, "Yeah, we tried to get everyone into the vault room, because it's in the center of the building and there's no glass."

The very distinctive funnel cloud chose the Super G parking lot to smash car windows.

The storm moved north along Brace Road pausing long enough to withdraw some of the roof from the Sun bank. But ultimately, this was in fact a tornado. The glass that blew out of the Eckerd front door, it flew in the opposite direction the storm was traveling.


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