Seagulls Killed at Local Mall

Seagulls Killed at Local Mall Authorities hope a just-released videotape will help solve a shocking case of animal cruelty.

Someone lured a flock of seagulls with food and then intentionally ran them over in a mall parking lot in Vineland, N.J.

Officials from the local SPCA admit that seagulls can be a nuisance at the Cumberland Mall.

But they say it doesn't give anybody the right to deliberately run them down.

"These birds were just destroyed," said Bev Greco from the Cumberland County SPCA.

Investigators believe someone baited the flock of birds in the parking lot of the Cumberland Mall last month, then deliberately ran them down with a speeding car.

"No pun intended but they were sitting ducks," Greco said.

A nearby security camera caught the incident on tape.

In the just-released images, a red sedan enters the mall parking area. Less than a minute later, the car is seen on screen heading right for the seagulls, which scatter like a white cloud of dust.

On the tape, the car keeps going, leaving behind 10 dead gulls and 6 injured ones that had to be put to sleep.

Investigators found chicken bones and balled-up tuna fish on the ground, making them believe the birds were lured before they were bludgeoned.

"That's appalling behavior," Greco said. "We would like any person in the public with information to come forward and help us."

An anonymous tip has provided a lead on a suspect, an 18-year-old from Millville, who they plan to question Thursday.

He was a juvenile at the time of the incident and would have to undergo psychological counseling if found to be responsible for the seagull mall massacre.

The SPCA admits if that lead goes nowhere, it may have to offer a reward.

If you are a witness or know anything about this case, the SPCA wants to hear from you at 856-691-1500.

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