Father Thinks Son Is Innocent

Father Thinks Son Is Innocent Police said that a Delaware County man will be charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend after he is extradited from Carney's Point, N.J., to Springfield Township, Pa.

Robert Walker (pictured), 34, is suspected of killing Jolie Garrison, 34, who was the mother of his five children.

Walker was arrested on an unrelated parole violation Wednesday in a wooded area outside his uncle's house in Carney's Point. It could take up to 30 days for authorities to extradite him to Pennsylvania.

Springfield Township police were called to Garrison's home on Woodland Avenue Monday. The medical examiner said she had been strangled.

Walker's father, Robert Walker Sr. defended his son Wednesday.

"There's no way I can fathom that my son choked his girlfriend to death. I don't believe that. Not one damn bit," Walker Sr. said. "I said, 'No, that's not my son. That's not my son.' I know my children. I raised them better than that. Uh, uh. He's very quiet and very passive."

Police said they had been called to Garrison's home several times in the past. A protection of abuse order had been issued against Walker twice, police said. The senior Walker described the couple as "oil and water."

"I know he despised her," Walker Sr. said.

Investigators said that after Garrison's death, Walker fled to the house of his uncle, Dave Walker.

One of Dave Walker's neighbors said that he saw authorities from several jurisdictions nab Walker Jr. near a wooded lot.

"He was standing here in a driveway in front of a pickup truck with his hands up. He didn't give the police a hard time or anything," the neighbor said.

"There was quite an exhaustive search conducted by many New Jersey agencies. I don't know what exactly was employed, but I know that they did use K-9s, as well as other methods," said Police Chief Dominic Spigarelli.

Walker's dad said he hasn't slept for three days, since the ordeal began.

"I want him to come home. He's my flesh and blood and I want him to know that I'm behind him 100 percent, and then some," Walker Sr. said.

The motive for Garrison's murder still isn't known.

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