Corner Office: Phoebe A. Haddon

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz | Oct 17, 2014
Corner Office: Phoebe A. Haddon …From the pages of South Jersey Biz…

Phoebe A. Haddon,
Chancellor, Rutgers University–Camden

Phoebe A. Haddon stepped into the role of chancellor at Rutgers University–Camden on July 1. Despite being relatively new to the position, she isn’t new to the field, as she has spent more than 30 years in education. Haddon shares with us the goals she has as chancellor and the biggest issues she sees in higher education today.

Goals for the position: Rutgers University–Camden already has a strong record of success across the board. Our faculty produces cutting-edge research worldwide, our students enjoy innovative experiential learning opportunities, and we are emerging as a national role model for civically engaged urban universities. I want to see us take that to the next level by building on everything that already exists.

On higher education pitfalls: Accessibility to higher education is of critical importance to our state and our nation. There are many potential barriers to access. The financial impact of a college degree is, of course, significant, and those of us in higher education must act to minimize costs where possible and create new funding sources to help our students come and graduate with success.

The importance of involvement in civic and professional organizations: People who are passionate about success in their chosen profession realize that no one succeeds alone. We’re all part of teams in the workplace, and we’re all part of larger communities that have an impact on our personal and our professional lives. Strong communities mean confident consumers for your product; thriving neighborhoods for your employees; and capital investments that benefit everyone.

Advice for students considering post-secondary education: Think outside the box at all times. Certainly, high school students need to prepare for their exams, but the ability to be inquisitive, to challenge ideas, and to be willing to learn from being wrong as much as you work toward being right, is so critical to being successful in the knowledge-based industries that are defining the workforce of the 21st century.

For more from Haddon, including how education has changed since she entered the field, as well as her thoughts on returning to her home state, visit

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Author: Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz


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