Office Space

by Kaytlyn Mroz | Apr 22, 2015
Office Space …From the pages of South Jersey Biz…

Supplies in Demand
The newest in workplace gadgets and business-minded titles will help you be more successful than ever.

Stand up workstation
Are you tired of sitting at your desk job? Try the Stand Up Workstation Platform, which elevates your computer and work area to standing height. The platform gets you out of that uncomfortable swivel chair and onto your feet. Your back will thank you. ($199.95 at

Smart watch
The latest gadget in technology has it all at your fingertips—but on your wrist. The long-awaited Apple Watch is equipped with everything from phone calls and messaging to monitoring your activity and tracking your heartbeat. A must-have item, the watch comes in all different shapes, colors and sizes. ($549 and up,, available April 24)

Rolling world clock
Have clients in different time zones? That’s no problem with 11+ World Desk Clock. With an outside layer inscribed with the names of 24 international cities, just roll the clock onto the name and watch the hands move to display the correct time. ($49,

Crunching Numbers

$42.1 Billion: Amount tourism made for the state in 2014, a 3.8% increase from the year before, officials said.

$30 MILLION: Amount of project for the world’s largest indoor vertical farm on a former industrial site in Newark. The space will be the new headquarters of AeroFarms

12,400: Number of jobs New Jersey gained from December 2014 to January.

10%: Amount Atlantic City’s average room rate went up by last year, according to the latest Hotel Price Index by

FOURTEEN MILLION: Amount in grant monies the Coriell Institute for Medical Research—a genetic research center in Camden—received from the National Institutes of Health

$145,000,000: Amount of a bond project approved by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority for the construction of new dorms at Rowan University.

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Author: Kaytlyn Mroz


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