Apple Pie Hill

by Hayley Lynch | Nov 12, 2015
Apple Pie Hill

At the end of the Batona Trail in Wharton State Park is Apple Pie Hill, the highest location above sea level in the Pine Barrens. Apparently, the origin of the name given to the hiking attraction is unknown. But for years the NJ Department of Environmental Protection-owned spot has been a go-to for those looking to soak in the beauty of the Pinelands.

Apple Pie Hill’s most characteristic feature is the red and white fire tower that was placed there around 1950. Although the tower is not currently in use, visitors can climb the various levels that the tower offers for increasingly better views of the surrounding natural habitat, including the forests and wetlands. Because of the observational advantage of the altitude of the hill and fire tower, plus the minimal light infiltration, some of the popular activities to conduct there are bird and star watching. From the peak, both Atlantic City and Philadelphia are visible on clear days.

With each season, Apple Pie Hill offers its own flurry of unique wild plant and animal life that the Pinelands have to offer. Because it is open year round, there is no restriction to when you can visit it as long as you adorn yourself with the proper gear. The hill is also open daily from all hours between dusk and dawn.

For more information on the trail that leads to Apple Pie Hill and the various wildlife, visit:

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Author: Hayley Lynch


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