Jersey Shore Nightlife Guide

Jersey Shore Nightlife Guide

Join us this weekend as we explore the variety of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that offer live music for an exciting night out down the Shore! Our selected tunes encompass all genres of sound—live DJs, rock and roll covers, solo acoustic, and more.

We’ve listed the below venues of the Jersey Shore from North to South, starting at Long Beach Island and travelling down the coast to the tip of Cape May. 

If you want to add your favorite live music location, e-mail us directly at and we’ll be sure to include it in next week’s list!

Long Beach Island

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Joe Pops Bar and Restaurant
Wednesday July 10: The Nerds, 10 pm
Thursday July 11: What About Bob? And Guy Smiley, 10 pm
Friday July 12: Stealing Savannah, 10 pm
Saturday July 13: No Standards, 10 pm

The Gateway
Thursday July 11: The Mike Byrne Irish Show, 7 pm
Friday July 12: The Kootz Band, 7 pm
Saturday July 13: South on 9, 8 pm

Nardi’s Tavern
Wednesday July 10: Men of Horses, 10 pm
Thursday July 11: Pasta and Sinatra, 5-9 pm; Triple Rail Turn, 10 pm
Friday July 12: Elvis, 5-9 pm; Shorty Long, 10 pm
Saturday July 13: Garage Kept, 5-9 pm; Triple Rail Turn, 10 pm
Sunday July 14: The Dave Christopher Band, 5-9 pm; Mr. Love Joy, 10 pm

Sea Shell Resort and Beach Club
Wednesday July 10: The Pickles, 4-7 pm; Ginger Coyle, 7-10 pm, The Fire Pits; Matt Fisher, 7-10 pm; The Pickles, 10:30 pm-2 am
Thursday July 11: Sami Eldebs, 4-7 pm; Chris Guastelle, 7-10 pm, The Fire Pits
Friday July 12: Ted Hammock and the Pickles, 4-7 pm; Mike “Mitch” Corliss, 7-10 pm; The Pickles, 10 pm-2 am

Saturday July 13: Captain Eric and the Shipwrecks,3:30-7:30 pm; Friend Zone, 10 pm-2 am
Sunday July 14: Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns, 3:30-7:30 pm; Ted Hammock and Matt Fisher, 10 pm-2 am

Atlantic City
Gypsy Bar at the Borgata
Wednesday July 10: Garden State Radio, 9 pm
Thursday July 11: Amish Outlaws, 10 pm
Friday July 12: Flowers for Taco, 7-10 pm; My Hero Zero, 11 pm
Saturday July 13: Big Bang Baby, 7-10 pm; Gypsy Wisdom, 11 pm
Sunday July 14: Lifespeed, 9 pm

Haven Nightclub at the Golden Nugget
Thursday July 11: Skratchy, 11 pm-4 am
Friday July 12: Jerzy, 11 pm-4 am
Saturday July 13: Sultan and Shepard, 10 pm-4 am

Rush Lounge at the Golden Nugget
Wednesday July 10: Lisa Bouchelle, 8 pm-12 am
Thursday July 11: Indelible Groove, 8 pm-12 am
Friday July 12: Big Daddy Duo, 6-10 pm; Se7en Band, 10 pm-2 am
Saturday July 13: Bobby and Kit, 6-10 pm; All Souled Out, 10 pm-2 am
Sunday July 14: Laura Lea, 8 pm-12 am

Sea Isle City
Dead Dog Saloon
Wednesday July 10: Dynasty Marie, 9:30 pm
Thursday July 11: Shawn Durnin, 9:30 pm
Friday July 12:
 Joe O’Brien, 9:30 pm
Saturday July 13: Nicki Sbaffoni, 9:30 pm
Sunday July 14: Josh Liberio, 9:30 pm

Kix McNutley's
Thursday July 11: Dylan Perry, 5 pm; Jim Shaw, 8 pm; The Chatterband, 9:30 pm
Friday July 12:
 Syd Kelly, 5 pm; Quizzo with Hot Sounds, 6 pm; Dean Dunlevy, 8 pm; B-Street, 9:30 pm; The Chatterband, 1:30 am
Saturday July 13: Sean Breslin, 5 pm; Syd Kelly, 8 pm; The Heartbeats, 9:30 pm; B-Street Band, 1:30 am
Sunday July 14: The Heartbeats, 7 pm; Bill Caterini, 8 pm; The Heartbeats, 1:30 am

La Costa Lounge and Deck Bar
Wednesday July 10: Nick Horn, 8 pm, The Deck
Thursday July 11: McPherson, 8 pm, The Deck
Friday July 12: Philly Rock and Soul, 8 pm, The Deck; Legacy Band, 10 pm, The Lounge
Saturday July 13: Mystery Machine, 8 pm, The Deck; The Morning After, 10 pm, The Lounge
Sunday July 14: The Insiders, 8 pm, The Deck; Jerry Blavat, 8 pm, The Lounge; Split Decision, 10 pm, The Lounge

The Ocean Drive
Wednesday July 10: Secret Service, 9 pm
Thursday July 11: Gypsy Wisdom, 5 pm
Friday July 12: Kim and Tonic, 5-9 pm, The Sandbar; Go Go Gadjet with DJ Tommy B, 8 pm
Saturday July 13: Secret Service, 4-10; Lost in Paris and DJ Freezie, 9 pm, The Main Stage
Sunday July 14: Secret Service, 4-10 pm; Go Go Gadget and DJ Montone, 9 pm

The Springfield Inn
Wednesday July 10: The Way Outs, 8 pm, The Deck
Thursday July 11: DJ Redline, 8 pm, The Deck
Friday July 12: Ed and Mike, 8 pm, The Deck; Sweet Talkers and DJ Adub, 10 pm
Saturday July 13: DJ Drini, 8 pm, The Deck; The Juliano Brothers, 8 pm; Peep School and DJ Redline, 10 pm
Sunday July 14: Rad and Kell, 4 pm, The Deck; The Way Outs, 8 pm; LeCompt and DJ Brother Mike, 10 pm

Rock ‘N Chair
Wednesday July 10: Mark Fisher, 7 pm
Thursday July 11: Que, 8 pm
Saturday July 13: Mark Fisher, 9 pm
Sunday July 14: Jonny’s Cousin Steve, 7 pm

Windrift Hotel
Thursday July 11: Jim Bannach, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; The Exceptions, 8 pm, Beach Bar; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Level 2
Friday July 12: Darin MacDonald, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Beach Bar; Big House Band, 9:30 pm, Beach Bar
Saturday July 13: Darin MacDonald, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Beach Bar; FJM Band, 9:30 pm, Beach Bar
Sunday July 14: Juliano Brothers, 4 pm, Beach Bar; Jim Doran, 5 pm, Level 2; Darin MacDonald, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Beach Bar

Stone Harbor
Buckets Margarita Bar and Cantina
Wednesday July 10: Alexandra March, 8-11 pm
Thursday July 11:
 Kenny Curcio, 8-11 pm

Friday July 12: Allison Landon, 8-11 pm
Saturday July 13:Ken Shiles, 8-11 pm
Sunday July 14: Matt Adams, 8-11 pm

Fred’s Tavern
Friday July 12: Jefe, 9 pm

Dogtooth Bar and Grill
Wednesday July 10: Rachel and Ty, 9 pm
Saturday July 13: Billy the Kid, 10 pm

Mulligan’s Shore Bar and Grill
Friday July 12: Two Eddys, 9 pm
Saturday July 13: Jim Siesser, 9 pm

Cape May

Cabanas on the Beach
Thursday July 11: Animal House, 9 pm
Friday July 12: DJ Joe Byrd, 9:30 pm

Saturday July 13: Love Seed Mama Jump, 9:30 pm
Sunday July 14:Shot of Southern, 6-10 pm

Mad Batter
Wednesday July 10: Dan Barry, 7-10 pm
Thursday July 11: Mike Flanigan, 7-10 pm
Friday July 12: Jim Doran, 7-10 pm
Saturday July 13:Les DeRose, 7-10 pm

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