Eagles Face Difficult (Not Impossible) Challenge to Return to the Postseason

Eagles Face Difficult (Not Impossible) Challenge to Return to the Postseason

The theme is the same regarding the Eagles. Yes, they have been wildly disappointing during this 4-5 start, but they still have the ability to be a playoff team.

The Eagles had one of their worst showings in Sunday night’s 27-20 loss to the visiting Dallas Cowboys. To come out so flat after having two weeks off after their impressive win of Jacksonville in London, was mind boggling.

The Eagles now trail the Washington Redskins by two games, but they play the Skins twice.

With the Dallas Cowboys also at 4-5, here is a look at the schedules of the top three NFC East contenders.

The Eagles could also get in the playoffs as a wild card, but winning the division appears to be the best option.

Nov. 18 at New Orleans (8-1)
Nov. 25 NY Giants (2-7)
Dec. 3 Washington (6-3)
Dec. 9 at Dallas (4-5)
Dec. 16 at LA Rams (9-1)
Dec. 23 Houston (6-3)
Dec. 30 at Washington (6-3)
Teams with winning records: (5)

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Nov. 18 Houston (6-3)
Nov. 22 at Dallas (4-5)
Dec. 3 at Eagles (4-5)
Dec. 9 Giants (2-7)
Dec. 16 at Jacksonville (3-6)
Dec. 22 at Tennessee (5-4)
Dec. 30 Eagles (4-5)
Teams with winning records: (2)

Nov. 18 at Atlanta (4-5)
Nov. 22 Washington (6-3)
Nov. 29 New Orleans (8-1)
Dec. 9 Eagles (4-5)
Dec. 16 at Indianapolis (4-5)
Dec. 23 Tampa Bay (3-6)
Dec. 30 at NY Giants (2-7)
Teams with winning records (2)

Notice that the Eagles play five teams with winning records while the Redskins and Dallas only have two.

So on paper the Eagles have the toughest task. That said, three of the games the Redskins have against teams with losing records include two with the Eagles and one with Dallas. Both teams will be in desperate situations when facing the Redskins, so it won’t be easy for Washington to close things out.

Washington has a depleted offensive line, but the Eagles are just as banged up in the secondary.

Even though Dallas QB Dak Prescott played well against the Eagles, he has to prove he can play consistently. The Eagles gave him a lot of short passes and the Cowboys receivers were able to make big yards after the catch.

Prescott will be the key to whether the Cowboys be a viable playoff contender.

Washington QB Alex Smith simply doesn’t make mistakes. This year he has thrown 10 touchdown passes and three interceptions. Yet it if the Redskins can win the division, it will be the defense that keeps them in games.

Of the three teams, the Eagles have the best quarterback (Carson Wentz) and the top offense, even though they have been inconsistent.

With seven games left, this is still anybody’s game. Washington owns a two-game lead on the Eagles and Dallas, but the Redskins have plenty of holes.

That’s not to suggest that it will be easy for the Eagles, especially facing New Orleans this week.

Still, the Eagles have more than a passing chance, especially with the two games against the Redskins. It’s likely the Eagles will have to sweep the Redskins.

A lot has to happen for the Eagles to return to the playoffs, but it is way too early to suggest that their postseason chances are dead.

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Author: Marc Narducci


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