A Look at the Eagles Playoff Chances

by Marc Narducci | Dec 19, 2018
A Look at the Eagles Playoff Chances
As we have been writing for what seems like forever, the Eagles remain a viable contender to earn an NFC playoff berth.

Sunday’s 30-23 upset of the host Los Angeles put the Eagles clearly in the race. If the season ended today, they wouldn’t be in, but with two games left and an inspired upset of the Rams, the Eagles are close.

Here is a look at their prospects:
NFC East
Dallas 8-6
Eagles 7-7
Washington 7-7
Outlook: The only way the Eagles can clinch the division is if they win their final two games and Dallas loses its last two.

Here are the matchups:
Eagles: vs. Houston (10-4); at Washington (7-7)
Dallas: vs. Tampa Bay (5-9); at NY Giants (5-9).
Washington: at Tennessee (8-6); vs. Eagles (7-7).

Dallas, coming off a 23-0 loss at Indianapolis, only has to win one of its final two games to clinch the division. The Cowboys were cruising before Sunday’s clunker against the Colts. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboys feel the pressure, even though they will be favored in their final two games.

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As we have written before, quarterback Dak Prescott remains very inconsistent. It’s not a given that Dallas earns at least one win but if not, it will be a major collapse.

The fact that Washington is in the hunt despite some key injuries, is a testament to the Redskins toughness.

Wild card:
Seattle 8-6
Minnesota 7-6-1

In the Hunt:
Eagles 7-7
Washington 7-7
Carolina 6-8

Remaining schedules:
Seattle: vs. Kansas City (11-3); vs. Arizona (3-11)
Minnesota: at Detroit (5-9), vs. Chicago (10-4)
Outlook: Seattle needs to only win one of its final two to clinch a wild card. If Seattle and the Eagles finish with the same record, the Seahawks will advance due to better conference record. Seattle is now 7-4 in the conference and the Eagles are 5-6, with both teams having one conference game left.

Minnesota would earn a spot over the Eagles by winning its final two games. Yet if the Vikings lose one and the Eagles win twice, the Birds would earn the wild card spot.

Carolina is hanging by a thread and would be eliminated if the Vikings win one of their final two games.

The Eagles could still get in with a loss this week to Houston, but it wouldn’t be advised.

Houston has plenty to play for against the Eagles. The Texans (10-4) would clinch their AFC South Division with a win. In addition, Houston is playing for home field advantage.

One thing not in the Texans advantage is that running back Lamar Miller suffered an ankle injury in Saturday’s win over the New York Jets and may not be available.

No doubt Sunday’s Eagles game will have a playoff feel, just as the Rams gave did. The Eagles are in playoff mode. That’s because the final two games will feel like an elimination game if the Eagles aren’t able to finish the deal.

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Author: Marc Narducci


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