Carson Wentz Taking Too Much of a Hit

by Marc Narducci; Photo Marc Narducci | Oct 23, 2019
Carson Wentz Taking Too Much of a Hit
While the quarterback is always at the center of attention when a team is doing well or poorly, the Eagles problems go well behind the play of Carson Wentz.
In the Eagles 37-10 loss to Dallas, Wentz was running for his life. He was sacked three times and the Cowboys also administered five quarterback hits.
Many of those hits were impactful shots and one wonders how long Wentz can keep enduring this.
For all the disappointing elements of the Eagles 3-4 season, one of the bigger ones is that the offensive line hasn’t pulled its weight.
Wentz completed 16 of 26 for 191 yards, one touchdown and one interception.
Wentz also lost two fumbles.
It’s easy to look at his numbers and say he wasn’t producing, but Wentz was facing constant pressure. The Eagles offensive line was without projected Hall of Famer Jason Peters, who is listed as week to week with a knee injury.
Andre Dillard, the first round pick from Washington State, filled in.
Before he was injured Peters had not been playing like his old Pro Bowl self. He was more than serviceable, just not dominating game in and game out as he has for much of his career.
Dillard will surely take his lumps, but seeing extensive action in Peters absence, is beneficial for the future. Whether it helps in the present, remains to be seen.
So the offensive line didn’t pull its weight against Dallas and hasn’t stood out the entire season.
And speaking of the season, it is far from over.
This is only a two-team division, and can anybody trust a Dallas team that lost the week before to the New York Jets, to really be consistent week in and week out.
Quarterback Dak Prescott, doesn’t seem like a person who can truly elevate his teammates to the next level. What has benefited Prescott is having a better than solid supporting cast.
The offensive line, despite some injuries this season, is strong. Ezekiel Elliott is arguably the best running back in the NFL.
Amari Cooper is a difference maker at receiver who gives the Eagles fits.
Prescott often throws behind receivers, something he did against the Eagles. He might be better than serviceable, but to call him a star would be reaching.
Owner Jerry Jones better be careful about giving him a $100 million contract.
To the Cowboys credit, they have withstood some key injuries, but one doesn’t know which Cowboys team will show up week to week – the one that won the first three games of the season, the one that lost the next three or the one that looked like the 1985 Chicago Bears against the Eagles.
After the game several Eagles talked about being just one game behind Dallas (although conceding the Cowboys now own the heat to head tiebreaker).
Granted, being a game behind Dallas with nine to play, is not some insurmountable deficit to make up.
On the other hand, as we don’t know what Dallas team will show up, the same can be said of the Eagles.
On Sunday the Eagles visit the 5-1 Buffalo Bills.
It’s the type of bounce-back game the Eagles have won in the Doug Pederson era.
While a win over the Bills won’t assure the season is saved, a loss would signal that this recent funk will be something that should cause deep concern.

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Author: Marc Narducci; Photo by Marc Narducci


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