Getting Personal

Getting Personal

Philadelphia Flyer Travis Sanheim on his love of country music, guilty pleasures and why he never leaves home without his laptop.

My welcome to the NHL moment happened quickly.
 Playing my first game in LA was a pretty good welcoming, to play in that type of environment. Another was scoring my first goal against Buffalo. I cherish that moment because it took a lot of hard work to get there.

When I’m not on the ice, I like to stay active in other ways. In the offseason, I try and play other sports. I enjoy golfing or maybe playing a little baseball. I also like relaxing, spending time with family and friends and hanging out by the lake.
I have a lot of country music on my playlist. You’ll maybe find an odd song or two on there, but I usually stick to my roots. I like all different kinds of country music, but right now Luke Combs is definitely one of my favorites. But I also like the big guys like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.
If I had to choose a guilty pleasure, I’d probably say ice cream. I like to have a good ice cream cone, especially in the summertime.
Besides my phone, the one gadget I couldn’t live without would be my laptop. Anytime I am going on the road, I have to make sure I have that to watch my TV shows and stay up to date with everything.
My favorite TV show is Suits. That is one show I always watch and try to stay up to date with.
As a kid, I loved watching hockey. I obviously watched all the big stars like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin; I really enjoyed watching them. But as a role model, I think Nicklas Lidström was a big one.
The way he played the game and how sound he was on both ends of the ice was cool to see.
If I could choose a celebrity to have dinner with, I’d probably stick to the sports world. I think Tiger Woods would be a cool one. LeBron James would also be pretty cool as would Wayne Gretzky. It would be awesome to meet them.

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Author: Travis Sanheim


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