Eagles Hit a Low in Loss to Dolphins but Playoff Hopes Remain Alive

by Marc Narducci; Photo Marc Narducci | Dec 4, 2019
Eagles Hit a Low in Loss to Dolphins but Playoff Hopes Remain Alive
While there are many people jumping off the Eagles bandwagon, this reporter maintains that they should still make the playoffs.
Although many won’t give them a chance if they get into the postseason, the reasoning for the playoff optimism can be summed up in three words – The Dallas Cowboys.
Coach Jason Garrett has never been known as somebody who can win a big game, however this year the Cowboys have taken it to the extreme.
Yes, they beat the Eagles, in the one game that they rose to the occasion, but Dallas has continually come up small, losing to teams like the New York Jets (who lost this past week to previously winless Cleveland).
Dallas still has a tougher ending schedule, including having to face the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field.
That said, the Eagles loss to Miami, especially after having a 28-14 lead, doesn’t indicated that they can flip the switch and win in the postseason.
They face the New York Giants and Washington Redskins in the next two weeks, two team that are a combined 5-19.
Then again, the Dolphins were just 2-9 before facing the Eagles.
What makes the loss worse is that the Dolphins front office is in apparent tank mode, having traded several key players.
The Eagles have to wish that DeVante Parker was shipped out of Miami. Parker torched the Eagles for seven receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns.
To the credit of coach Brian Flores and he players, the Dolphins with an undermanned squad against virtually every team, including the Eagles, keeps playing hard.
If the Dolphins cash in on some of their first round draft choices they earn, this could be an interesting team, especially since Flores has kept them playing hard while the front office decimated the roster.
The Eagles played like a team that was ultra-confident, a team that didn’t take the Dolphins seriously. Before Sunday, the most points the Dolphins scored in a game was 26 in a 26-18 win over the Jets, a team that the Eagles beat 31-6
Think about it – the Dolphins scored more points on the Eagles than the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks did combined the previous two weeks. On your scorecard, that is Dolphins 37 vs. the Eagles (Patriots and Seahawks 34 combined).
The Eagles defense, which looked so strong in the losses to the Patriots and Seahawks, was nowhere to be seen against the Dolphins..
Miami deserves so much credit, but the Eagles simply weren’t ready to play.
As bad as Miami is, the Eagles only have two more wins than the Dolphins.
That said, the ineptitude of the Cowboys could and should lead the Eagles to a path to the postseason.
The Eagles are helped by the fact that the NFC East this season is the NFL’s worst.

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Right now, the Eagles need all the breaks they can get. If losing to the Dolphins isn’t a wakeup call, then nothing else will be.

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Author: Marc Narducci; Photo by Marc Narducci


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