A great time to be a Philadelphia Sports fan

by Marc Narducci | Oct 17, 2022
A great time to be a Philadelphia Sports fan

After many seasons of taking some tough hits, Philadelphia sports fans are enjoying the resurgence of their professional teams.

And the fans, who often take a beating from the national press, which often writes tired old stories about throwing snowballs at Santa Claus, are also showing why they are arguably the best in the country.

This isn’t a homer speaking.

All one had to do was hear the national commentators who saw the Phillies two home wins over the Atlanta Braves in their National League Division Series triumph.

The fans, who had not experienced a home playoff game since 2011, shook the stadium. Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal reported that during the Phillies clinching an 8-3 win over the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 on Saturday at Citizens Bank Park, he received noise notifications warning him that it could be reaching dangerous levels.

The Phillies fans were electric during their two home wins

Phillies left fielder Kyle Schwarber, who competed for the World Series champion Chicago Cubs in 2016 and participated in the playoffs with the Boston Red Sox last year, said the Phillies crowd was the most electric he played before in the postseason.

The fans actually can help the home team and there is no doubt the Phillies fans aided in the effort. Countless national broadcasters marveled at the atmosphere in Citizens Bank Park, which should even escalate when this weekend in the NLCS against the San Diego Padres.

Nobody is worried about the Phillies winning ‘only’ 87 regular season games. This is a viable World Series contender.

Local fans forgot how exciting postseason baseball can be. The Phillies spoiled us by making the playoffs five straight years from 2007-2011 and winning the 2008 World Series while playing in the 2009 Fall Classic as well.

Philadelphia sports is on the rise and the fans are enjoying the ride.

The Eagles (6-0) are the NFL’s only undefeated team. At this point, they will be favored in each of their final 11 regular season games.

They are not only a contender to reach the Super Bowl, but a favorite.

The fans were their boisterous selves during Sunday night’s 26-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

The week before the Eagles fans took over the stadium in Glendale Arizona, when the Eagles beat the Arizona Cardinals, 20-17.

Coach Nick Sirianni is constantly praising the fans for their passion, for the way they support the team at home and on the road and he says they are a difference maker.

It appears only injuries could keep the Eagles from returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since winning it following the 2017 season.

The 76ers have been to the playoffs for five consecutive years and one of the most respected NBA writers, John Hollinger of the Athletic, picked them to win the NBA title this year. Hollinger is a former front-office official with the Memphis Grizzlies and knows the league inside and out.

Even the Flyers, who are expected to struggle, won their first two games this year.

And then there is the Union, which had the best record in the Eastern Conference and is a viable threat to win its first MLS championship.

These are certainly thriving times to be a Philadelphia sports fan and the fans are doing all they can to help push their team to the highest level.


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Author: Marc Narducci


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