NJ State Police Head Has Own Rules?

by 6 ABC-AP | Mar 29, 2002
NJ State Police Head Has Own Rules? New Jersey's State Police superintendent will not carry the badge or wear the uniform of his troopers, according to a letter sent to the governor from the state attorney general.

The letter was obtained Friday by New Jersey 101.5, which reported this week that Joseph Santiago was the only member of a specially created State Police academy class. As such, Santiago could reportedly assume the rank of colonel, wear the uniform and carry the badge, the station reported.

In the letter, Attorney General David Samson told Gov. James E. McGreevey that no special class was created for that purpose and no request for one was made. Samson said Santiago was sworn in and a paperwork error was made by a subordinate.

Samson also told McGreevey that by law, the superintendent is the administrative head of the state police force and can make all operational and management decisions.

"Nothing in this letter undermines the governor's complete confidence that Mr. Santiago will be an outstanding superintendent," McGreevey spokesman Paul Aronsohn said Friday.


Author: 6 ABC-AP


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