Priest Killed Connected to McGuire AFB

Priest Killed Connected to McGuire AFB Police have a suspect in custody, after a priest was shot to death, as he celebrated Mass at a church in New York, today.

The Reverend Lawrence Penzes was gunned down before dozens of horrified worshippers this morning at Our Lady of Peace Church, in Lynbrook, N.Y.

A 73-year-old parishioner was also killed.

The 34-year-old suspect, still not identified, was arrested at his home after a daylong standoff.

Tuesday night we learned that the priest has served at McGuire Air Force Base for many years.

Arno Wichers/McGuire A.F.B.: "Enjoyed airforce lifestyle patriotism love of the church he was there to listen to reservists at any point in time."

Lt. Col. Lawrence Penzes had been an Air Force reservist since 1974 and a regular fixture at McGuire Air Force Base for the past 22 years. With service in the Persian Gulf and Asia, the chaplain knew the dangers that existed. But surely no one could have predicted he would be gunned down while celebrating mass at his Long Island, New York church.

Penzes military decorations include two meritorious service medals and the national defense service medal. But it's his thoughts of the day that reservists will remember the most.

Arno Wichers/McGuire A.F.B.: "Even from his parish he would send out an email–something to inspire. Every morning you could look forward to the chaplains thoughts of the day." Now that they know that they have seen his last e-mail forever, it has made a lasting impression. A quote from Virginia Wolf: "If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people."

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Author: 6 ABC-AP


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