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Burlington County Prison Museum
Before the Burlington County Prison was erected, the area’s jail was located in the basement of the courthouse. While the prison’s location proved satisfactory for a time, it eventually became necessary for architect Robert Mills to design a new structure to house inmates.

Parvin State Park
Like almost any piece of land on this green Earth of ours, Salem County’s Parvin State Park of Pittsgrove has a long and interesting history.

Hollybush, the Whitney Mansion at Rowan
Hollybush is an Italianate-style mansion on Rowan U’s campus. It has played many different roles throughout history.

The History of Brigantine Beach
Brigantine Beach is known as one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in all of South Jersey. Its story begins in the 1500s. The Lenape Indians called the beautiful island "Watamoonica," which means "summer playground."

Haines Mill
In 1773, Issac Haines and others petitioned the Assembly to permit the building of a dam to power a gristmill and a sawmill. Haines Mill, now Kirby's Mill, was declared a State Historic Site in 1971 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites in 1972...

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