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A Teachable Moment
Haddonfield Memorial’s Kimberly Dickstein Hughes is using her platform as New Jersey’s Teacher of the Year to effect change.

An Educated Decision
Is private schooling right for your child?

A Learning Environment: 2019 Public High School Report Card
Now that school is in session and students are once again roaming the halls, it’s time to get the first big assignment out of the way: our annual public high school report card.

Shrouded in Secrecy
Parents have been committing residency fraud—sometimes called boundary hopping—to enroll their kids in more desirable schools for years, costing educational systems and taxpayers big bucks.

Public High School Report Card 2018
As the school bells start ringing again and the hallways fill up with students, we thought it was a good time to tackle our first assignment for the new year: the annual public high school report card.

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