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Study Session
With so many terrific private high schools in South Jersey, both parents and prospective students can get a little overwhelmed with their options while determining which academic institution may be the best fit.

Progress Report
What makes for a good high school? Better yet, what makes a good high school great? While the answers may be subjective, there’s no denying that South Jersey is full of stellar learning institutions

Up in the Sky
The usage of drones could become a global game-changer and South Jersey is at the forefront of the ground-breaking research.
There is a new idea taking flight in South Jersey, one of unlimited impact and revolutionary capabilities: drones. But this isn’t the controversial weapon that is now defining America’s overseas military presence. It’s a life-altering technology with hundreds of prospective commercial uses, everything from disaster relief capabilities to transporting packages.

The Battle of Camden
…From the pages of South Jersey Magazine…
Hope. Despair. Uncertainty. Those are words often used to describe Camden. As a homegrown mayor and other officials look to restore the city to glory, will a dedicated approach to education, medicine and development produce significant results or just more of the same?
Marijuana, cocaine and crack. Those were the drugs of choice for Ricky as a young man, and coming from an affluent, mostly white South Jersey suburb, he knew exactly where to get them. Camden may have once been a booming urban center in the early-to-mid-20th-century

Hidden in Plain Sight
…From the pages of South Jersey Magazine…
Human trafficking is a major issue in American cities, but South Jersey? Well, it’s more prevalent than you think; which is why authorities are showing a renewed focus and cracking down like never before.
You’ve probably seen the billboards. They popped up just before the Super Bowl, declaring that human trafficking was reported in all 50 states last year, with more than 14,000 cases in the last six years alone.