Now or Later, Poll Asks

Now or Later, Poll Asks The feeling among some New Jersey voters is that Governor McGreevey should step down now rather than later, according to a new poll. 48% Of those polled said he should do it now instead of November 15th, the date he says he will leave office. 42% say it is not necessary for him to step down immediately.

The lawyer for Golan Cipel denies they had an affair. He says that he harassed his client and there was a deal to keep a lawsuit from being filed, and McGreevey says there was never a deal to pay Cipel.

"Another series of lies made by an extortionist attorney," said a spokesperson for the Governor.

"There was no deal?"

"No deal."

According to sources, Cipel wanted a $50 million payoff to be quiet. His attorney says he is considering a lawsuit.


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