Man Finally Faces Court

Man Finally Faces Court A former fugitive charged with killing two people in Camden County 21 years ago finally faced his accusers Wednesday. Prosecutors said Stephen Cosgrove, 42, had been drinking and driving in September 1983 when he lost control of his brother's car on the Atlantic City Expressway, killing Jean Johnson, 52, and Thomas Murray, 19.

However, the defense said that Cosgrove had not been driving drunk on that tragic night.

Cosgrove's attorney, Brian McMonagle, told jurors his client did have a couple of beers, but he insisted that a blue car had cut his client off and that was what caused the accident.

Assistant Camden County Prosecutor Gregory Smith argued that Cosgrove was reckless and drove while impaired.

Cosgrove skipped his court appearance in 1983 and moved away. He got married and had four children before the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force caught up with him last October.

"The look on his face was one of, 'OK, it's gonna happen and it's happening now,'" said James Coward, a U.S. Marshal.


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