Gov. Wants Employees Rehired

Gov. Wants Employees Rehired Gov. James McGreevey said that he hopes the Atlantic City Surf will play ball.

McGreevey is asking the minor league baseball team to rehire a public address announcer who was fired for making a remark about McGreevey's sexual orientation.

Greg Maiuro dedicated a between-innings rendition of the Village People song, "YMCA," to McGreevey during a game last week.

In a statement released Thursday, McGreevey thanked the owners for their sensitivity. However, the governor said an apology from the announcer for what was perhaps a lapse of judgment should be enough.

The statement made no mention of scoreboard operator Marco Cerrino. Cerrino resigned after he posted, "Sponsored by Governor Jim McGreevey" on the scoreboard when the song was played the next night.

McGreevey announced two weeks ago he would resign in November because he had been involved in a gay affair and felt it would compromise his effectiveness as governor.


Author: NBC10/AP


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