Police Find Missing Teen in Mexico

Police Find Missing Teen in Mexico High-tech detective work has led police to a missing New Jersey teen and the man accused of taking her.

Jessica Naylor, 14, disappeared from her Deptford home last month. She was found in Merida, Mexico, on Wednesday.

Naylor was found with Daniel Elliott, 43, who was a family friend. Elliott is under arrest and will be sent back to the Delaware Valley. Police said that the two have been living in a rented beach house since Aug. 30.

Police said that they did some forensic computer tracking to find the girl.

Elliott is an executive with a South Jersey computer company and a former intelligence officer with the Navy.

Police said he left erroneous material on his computer to throw police off the trail. He intentionally left instant messages to make everyone think they were in Canada. Police said that it turned into a battle of wits between them and a computer expert, but in the end police prevailed. Police said deleted files helped them pinpoint where Elliott and Naylor had gone.

Elliot is being charged with 2nd degree luring to commit the crime of endangering the welfare of a child. Bail was set at $100,000.


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