911 Hoax

911 Hoax Police in South Jersey are looking for the culprit behind a phony 911 call.

Officers say they wasted valuable time and manpower when a girl claiming to be 4 years old called 911 on a cell phone, saying her mother had been stabbed to death.

Now, however, the police may be closing in on the offender. They may have the cell number and identity of the account holder. Sources say that the charges filed for this incident will likely depend on the explanation they receive.

The girl said she was in Pleasantville, inside a yellow house with porch on the front. She claimed the home was on South Main Street.

The child claimed her father had stabbed her mother to death. She also told dispatchers that her sister was not breathing.

The dispatcher grew suspicious when the girl did not know her own last name and could be heard whispering to someone else.

After an extensive search for the home, police concluded the call was a hoax.

An investigation is now under way to try and trace the call and to determine whether the child made the call by herself or if someone forced her to make the call.


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