Whirlpool Discovered

by NBC10/AP | Apr 19, 2005
Whirlpool Discovered Researchers studying ocean currents have discovered a giant whirlpool off Sandy Hook.

They say its circulating currents are stirring pollution-laden waters of the Hudson River, causing low oxygen levels which could threaten marine life.

The whirlpool, or eddy, grows as wide as six miles or larger, depending on currents and wind.

Rutgers Center for Marine and Coastal Sciences says nitrogen-laced river water is encouraging runaway plant growth that could eventually starve bottom-dwelling organisms of oxygen.

Officials have long known about low oxygen levels off Sandy Hook, but that usually happens in July. Researchers are exploring whether this year's low level is related to recent flooding.

The whirlpool was found as part of a five-year study tracking Hudson River water as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Author: NBC10/AP



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