Prep For Disaster Guide Avail. Online

by Press Release-Burlington County | Jun 26, 2006
Prep For Disaster Guide Avail. Online Preparing For Disaster in Burlington County, a 32-page guide that will be mailed to more than 183,000 households in the county beginning Wednesday, June 21, now is available on the county web site at, Freeholder James K. Wujcik announced today.

“Response to Friday’s announcement that the guide will be mailed to residents in the county prompted us to make the booklet available online even before it is mailed,’’ Wujcik said. “We had many requests for the guide from residents not living in Burlington County, so we immediately made it available on our county web site.’’

On the county’s main web page, residents can access Preparing For Disaster in Burlington County by clicking on 2006 Disaster Preparation Booklet under the News and Events section. It is in a personal downloadable format (PDF) and Microsoft Word document (DOC).

County residents should begin to receive their guide by Friday, June 23.

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Author: Press Release-Burlington County



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