Good for Your Health

by Peter Proko, Editor-in-Chief | Aug 7, 2014
Good for Your Health …From the pages of South Jersey Magazine…

When I was a kid, I hated going to the doctor’s office. Thankfully, I never had any major health issues, but even the routine checkup proved draining. I think it was mostly the wait. I hate waiting, always have. When I was growing up and my parents would dish out a chore, I would speed through it so I could quickly approach them for what was next on my list in hopes that I could get done quicker or that they would get fed up with my pestering and send me outside with my friends.

A visit to the pediatrician often meant sitting in the waiting room trying not to fall asleep from boredom. I used to wonder if all the parents in our town scheduled their children’s checkups on the same day. While I’m sure my parents enjoyed sitting there as much as I did, there are only so many toys I could fool around with or issues of Highlights to thumb through. At least I was too young to have to fill out any forms.

Childhood memories aside, I truly appreciate all the great work that doctors do. It’s no wonder so many kids say they want to be one when they get older. They put in so much hard work and determination just to take care of somebody else. Talk about selfless.

Over the years, I have met some great doctors, whether they’ve taken care of me personally or I’ve encountered them through the magazine at various events, photo shoots, etc. This issue is all about celebrating those amazing individuals with our annual Best Doctors roundup of the leading physicians in South Jersey. On Page 66, you’ll get to meet some of our local medical minds and see this year’s list, a must-have health care resource guide.

You may have also noticed some guy named Bradley Cooper gracing our cover. The Hollywood megastar sat down with us to discuss his local roots, his career and much more. Despite being an obvious A-lister, Cooper remains quite humble and it’s just another reason we love claiming him as our own. Ladies love him, men want to be him. Suffice to say, Cooper is living the good life.

I bet he never has to wait to see the doctor, either.

Kind regards,

Peter J. Proko

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 5 August, 2014).
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Author: Peter Proko, Editor-in-Chief


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