Camden Acad. Charter School Cuts Ribbon

by - Justin Udo | Sep 14, 2017
Camden Acad. Charter School Cuts Ribbon CAMDEN, NJ. (CBS) — A Camden high school now has a new state of the art facility to call home.

Camden Academy Charter High School is starting the new school year with a new $6 million building.

“It is a full complex ready to be used by the students,” said Superintendent Dr. Joseph Conway.

Conway says their new facility includes more than 30 classrooms, a pool and a gymnasium.

“We’re very excited to be here,” Conway said, “and it’s been a wonderful ride.”

And the students are just as excited about their new building.

“Not a lot of kids in Camden get to go to a really great school,” said student Cristalys Santiago. “We have good teachers, I love our new building. We have a pool, a big gym and I just feel like it’s a privilege.”

Santiago says the new school building gives her and a her fellow students a boost in the classroom in more ways than one.

“I believe that it will help us academically,” she said, “because it’s going to show us that our school is very fortunate and that we are too, and it sets our minds to wanting to achieve more.”

Right now the high school is home to 450 students. Officials say it can hold up to 600 students.

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Author: - Justin Udo


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