New Jersey Crews, Homeowners Deal With..

by --Cleve Bryan | Mar 5, 2018
New Jersey Crews, Homeowners Deal With.. New Jersey Crews, Homeowners Deal With Aftermath Of Powerful Nor’easter

HADDON HEIGHTS, NJ (CBS) – It was snowing sawdust and mulch Saturday, as tree crews tackled the aftermath of an extremely windy winter storm.

Bob Borzotta woke up to the sound of this tree falling onto his home on Hillside Avenue in Haddon Heights.

“There was a big crash, my wife and son started yelling ‘hey tree’s coming down’,” recalls Borzotta.

Now that the storm is over the headache begins, trying to figure out how much insurance will cover.

“It looks like it’s outside and on the front little bit and on the side, the deck got some damage but you know everyone is safe that’s all we really care about,” says Borzotta.

During the peak of the storm wind gusts topped 60 miles per hour in parts of South Jersey.

A few streets away in Haddon Heights another crew was removing a tree that fell on a home on West High Street.

The Defoney family were not home when the tree went down.

“It’s pretty scary but I was worried about my dogs,” says Gabby Defoney.

Despite the hole in the roof the family were able to stay in their home overnight.

“It could have been worse, nobody was home, nobody got hurt, dogs were there and my kids were worried but they were fine,” says Shawn Defoney.

Utility repair crews are also busy as they work to restore power to tens of thousands of customers.

By late Saturday afternoon the majority of customers who lost power in South Jersey had it back.

Because of all the downed trees and other hazards power company’s PSEG and Atlantic City Electric say it will most likely take until Sunday night before power is restored to all homes.

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Author: --Cleve Bryan


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