Winter Storm Leaves Thousands In The...

by | Mar 8, 2018
Winter Storm Leaves Thousands In The... Winter Storm Leaves Thousands In The Dark

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As a winter storm wreaked havoc across the Delaware Valley, utility crews were hard at work trying to restore power, where as many as 200,000 were in the dark during the height of the storm.

PECO reports that around 85,031 customers are without power on Wednesday night following the back-to-back nor’easters.

“This is an all-hands on deck situation for us,” Liz Williamson of PECO said.

She added that additional crews are being brought in to help restore power.

PPL has about 728 customers without power.

In New Jersey, Atlantic City Electric says 639 customers have lost power and PSE&G reports over 3,980. Delmarva has nearly 20 customers without power in New Castle County.

Some families have been sitting in the dark since last Friday’s nor’easter.

“I’ve tried to be patient. It’s just a ton of uncertainty,” said Andrew Danner of Wallingford. “No matter how much I express the urgency and frustration, they’re just like ‘meh, we’re working on it.’ That’s not cutting it for me anymore.”

Danner is exasperated. He says he has called the power company nine times for an estimate power restoration and nine times later, his house is still without power.

“I understand it’s an extremely rare event, and it’s a very bad storm,” he said. “But when you have a young child and you’re using this information to plan or make decisions, this information is useless and can’t be trusted at all.”

As his young son and wife ride out this saga with her parents, who’ve only just gotten power back themselves, he’s trying to turn adversity into adventure.

“I basically took all my backpacking/camping gear out of the basement, and I’m just winter camping now,” he said. “I have my winter sleeping bag, camp stove in the sun room in case I need to boil water. I have all my head lamps. Around 9 p.m. I just start getting ready for bed and wait for the power to come back on.”

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