Crews Mobilizing In Camden...

by | May 18, 2018
Crews Mobilizing In Camden...

Crews Mobilizing In Camden County As Flood Threat Increases

By drips and drops, this week’s rain has the ground soggy and saturated.

“This can cause some serious issues with homeowners,” says Elliot Gattuso, field manager of Dry Guys Basement Systems.

Some homes with basements, like the one in Magnolia, where Dry Guys were addressing several problems on Thursday, have tens of gallons of water per hour seeping in through their foundation.

The house needed a new sump pump and by the end of this week as 2 to 5 more inches of rainfall, you might want to check out your system too.

“Go downstairs and make sure you’re sump pump is working, make sure it’s running the way it’s supposed to run. Go outside and make sure you can see the water discharging out of it,” says Gattuso.

You also want rainwater to freely flow away from your foundation so add extensions to your downspouts and clean your gutters.

“The water is easily controlled when it’s coming out of your downspouts but if it’s just flowing over your gutters you have no way to keep it out of the backfill soil next to your house,” says Gattuso.

Public works crews have their own housekeeping before the extreme rain event.

Camden County mobilized extra street cleaning crews on Thursday.

“We’re making sure that all these storm inlets, the debris are removed so that the stormwater can drain properly,” says Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo, the public works liaison to the Camden County Freeholder Board.

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