New Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Offers the Same Profile of Previous Hires by Owner Jeffrey Lurie

by Marc Narducci | Jan 27, 2021
New Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Offers the Same Profile of Previous Hires by Owner Jeffrey Lurie
The Eagles had one of the surprise coaching hires when they named Nick Sirianni to replace the fired Doug Pederson. 
For people who are saying that the offensive coordinator for Frank Reich in Indianapolis is not a good hire, the Eagles have earned the benefit of the doubt.
While the meddling of owner Jeffrey Lurie has seemed excessive and to the detriment of the team, the hiring of Sirianni follows a past pattern. 
Lurie, since he has owned the Eagles has never hired a head coach with previous head coaching experiences. And while Lurie’s firing of Doug Pederson seemed premature, the two apparently couldn’t come to an agreement in power. Pederson, but all reports, wanted more say in hiring his assistant coaches, and Lurie felt he knew better than his head coach on the subject.
So Pederson left after five seasons, three which resulted in playoff berths and the franchise’s only Super Bowl win.
It wasn’t a good look by Lurie and he didn’t help himself during the press conference to officially announce the departure of Pederson. It seemed as if Lurie didn’t want to take much or even any of the blame for the Eagles demise. 
That said, Lurie may have fired coaches too quickly, but he hiring record has been good and that is why Surianni deserves the benefit of the doubt.
Here is a look at Lurie’s hires:
1995-98 Ray Rhodes (29-34-1), two seasons in the playoffs, 1-2 playoff record
1999-2012 Andy Reid (130-93-1), nine seasons in playoffs, 10-9 playoff record
2013-2015 Chip Kelly (26-21) 0-1 one season in the playoffs, 0-1 playoff record
2016-2020 Doug Pederson (42-37-1), three seasons in playoffs, 4-2 playoff record, Super Bowl Championship.
When Rhodes was hired, he was the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers
Reid was a little known assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. He was the quarterbacks coach, but became the winningest coach in Eagles history. He just earned his second straight Super Bowl appearance with the Kansas City Chiefs and is eventually headed to the Hall of Fame.
Kelly was fired mainly because he didn’t want to listen to what Lurie had to say about matters. Plus the Eagles, who won 10 games each of his first two years, took a major step back in his third season. Kelly was fired with one game left in the season. 
Pederson will forever be hailed for bringing the franchise it’s first Super Bowl title. Not only that, but he outcoached legendary Bill Belichick in the Eagles 41-33 Super Bowl win.

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Now the Eagles have replaced him with another first-time head coach who they hope can have the same success as the man he is replacing.

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Author: Marc Narducci


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