South Jersey Coronavirus (COVID-19) Developments (August 11)

by Staff | Aug 11, 2021
South Jersey Coronavirus (COVID-19) Developments (August 11)

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As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, New Jersey has become one of the hardest hit areas in the country. And while the bulk of positive cases in the state are concentrated near the Greater New York City area, South Jersey has seen its share of cases and thus changes to our everyday lives are being implemented in a cautious effort to keep us healthy and safe. (To see cases by county, visit here.)
We want to keep you updated on some of the major happenings both in South Jersey and across the state, while also looking at some of the headlines coming out of Washington, D.C. Here are some of the latest developments, but keep in mind that this situation continues to evolve rapidly and while we do our best at publication time, further updates are available and we are working hard to keep things updated as quickly as possible.
The latest numbers
COVID-19 testing continues in the tri-county region, and as of Wednesday, August 11, the number of positive tests in each county are: Burlington, 46,092; Camden, 57,747; and Gloucester, 31,695. The state of New Jersey has reached 1.05M reported cases and 26,665 known and probable deaths. 
Vaccine rollout
As of today, 11.2M doses have been given out in New Jersey and 5.26M people are fully vaccinated (59.2%). The breakdown of doses in the tri-county region is: Burlington (234,823), Camden (256,215) and Gloucester (145,466).
Inside the hospitals
In the state of New Jersey, Total hospitalizations: 69, Patients in critical or intensive care: 135, Ventilators in use: 54, Patients were discharged: 100


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