Year in Review 2022

by Staff | Dec 27, 2022
Year in Review 2022

This was the year where the new normal rose up to meet a staggered, cautious but ultimately optimistic return to the familiar, though the changes and challenges in navigating a post-lockdown landscape have left their indelible marks on the business world. For the entire feature click HERE!

It certainly gave us at South Jersey Biz plenty to write about, and the region’s experts from a rich variety of backgrounds were more than generous with the insights and information they helped fill our pages with. From untangling today’s unusual economic and financial conditions to proving primers on the nascent industries finding their homes here, from translating heady health-care topics into digestible explanations to giving the region’s small business owners a voice, we are always indebted to those industry giants who shared their wisdom with our readers.

In our review of 2022, we’re not just taking a retrospective glimpse at all the topics we’ve tackled in our articles: We’re also giving all the dedicated professionals we recognized in our monthly roundups of notable leaders in their fields one last round of well-deserved applause before forging ahead into 2023.



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We got 2022 started by highlighting 20 CEOs and CFOs who proved that challenging times demand proactive, visionary leaders. These executives not only demonstrated that every team needs a beacon of light illuminating the path to the future, but also generously shared the lessons they’ve internalized along the way—and gave us a glimpse into their personal sides, too. Beyond that, a number of area professionals provided some helpful insights of their own: Economic experts outlined what to expect from the year to come, financial gurus gave some guidance on what business owners must know going into tax season and we took a look at the emerging industries poised to position the region for an even brighter future.

South Jersey’s leading ladies took center stage when we showcased 21 Women to Watch. From doctors to directors and partners to presidents, this year’s group of talented, dedicated women represented some of the best and brightest who broke through the glass ceiling while paving the way for the next generation of female industry leaders. We also took a deep dive into the explosion of commercial real estate the region has seen since the onset of COVID-19 and the factors influencing that sector’s present and future, examined the rising threat of cyberattacks and what kind of professionals are here to help keep your business safe, and explored what company owners need to know about protecting their intellectual property.

Our annual Best of Health Care feature focused on providers’ notable developments. As passionate individuals drive improved care for patients requiring specialized spine, seizure, cardiac, long-COVID, addiction support and more, it’s no wonder that South Jersey is leading the charge to provide modern medical solutions to those who need them. Additionally, we heard from leaders in higher education about the pandemic’s impact and how they need to adapt to those new realities moving forward, discussed the current trends causing many to foster a more favorable opinion of labor unions, spoke with cannabiz experts on why any new industry needs to be rolled out carefully rather than quickly, and got some insights into the early difficulties that rising inflation had already presented.

With construction companies still feeling the pandemic’s lingering uncertainty, we got an eagle’s-eye view of the industry from those in the trenches, many of whom regard the future with prevailing optimism despite a present challenges. Even as the hits kept coming, the sector’s experts spoke of how they’ve adapted to build high-quality residential and commercial projects throughout South Jersey. Our April issue also included: the Community Impact Awards, an annual celebration of businesses embracing their corporate responsibility to be good neighbors; a look at how COVID has changed employee expectations, and how those shifting mindsets impact how employers attract and retain talent; and the new obstacles insurance policyholders and carriers face as the business world keeps evolving.

The region is teeming with hard-working young professionals who have already taken their places as the next generation of leaders. Nowhere is that more obvious than our 20 Under 40 list—expanded to 21 this year. At the other end of the spectrum, we spoke to exit-planning professionals about the strategies and plans outgoing owners should be proactively managing to ensure they retire from or sell their companies with minimal headaches and maximum reward. With the advent of wind-power making serious headway in 2022, we also looked at what the dawn of a new industry means for South Jersey now and in the future. Our May issue also serves as a guide to the best local companies with its annual Book of Lists.  

We highlighted 12 doctors, nurses and executives who are going above and beyond to deliver world-class health care right in our backyard with Who’s Who in Heath Care. Our women in business list gave female leaders an opportunity to not only encourage more women to break through the glass ceiling but also discuss what still needs to be done to level the playing field. As workforces across all industries deal with how both the pandemic and technology have impacted businesses’ daily operations, HR professionals expounded upon the ways their roles and approaches have adapted accordingly, while banking and financial experts sounded off about the factors influencing their sector, their client relationships and their expectations for the future.

Our annual Power 50 list introduced readers to some of the most influential figures in South Jersey, many of whom shared their advice or spoke of their responsibility to the region and role in positioning it for an ever-brighter future. The July issue also included advice for how companies can prepare for the unpredictable and why it’s important to have a well-rehearsed recovery plan, and explored all the ways hiring veterans is mutually beneficial to servicemen and women and the companies that help them secure the employment that helps them transition to civilian life. We also got a firsthand look at the unique challenges and rewards that come with keeping a multi-generation company in the family.

Between our editors’ and readers’ picks, we recognized 88 companies that are both committed to customer service and a credit to their industries with Best of Biz. Additionally, several nonprofits told us how they’ve overcome the worst of the pandemic’s difficulties to keep fulfilling their missions and serve the community. Thanks to experts from a range of industries lending us their insights, we were able to provide tips for minimizing a company’s virtual vulnerability to hackers, some do’s and don’ts for how an organization should fine-tune its social media strategy, and examined how employers continue to refine their hiring practices amid a jammed-up global supply chain, rising inflation and a new definition of what makes a company attractive to employees.

Who’s Who in Commercial Real Estate showcased 12 industry leaders who are equally dedicated to the South Jersey market and the people on either side of a property deal, while we heard from health care leaders about how the area’s hospitals are embracing innovations to continually improve patient outcomes now that the worst of COVID seems to be over and they can focus on meeting other pressing medical needs. Meanwhile, we took a look at the education and hands-on opportunities helping the next generation prepare for their careers, how Main Street’s small businesses are clawing their way back from the pandemic’s economic upheaval and how remote work is changing the way traditional office spaces are being used.

The Money Issue put our local economy front and center, with South Jersey’s financial professionals sounding off about their biggest concerns throughout this year and their insights for 2023—with the caveat that no prediction is a certainty. We also featured 60 of the area’s leading legal advocates representing an array of business specialties and female leaders paving the way for more women to take on executive roles in the health care field. Some salient business advice came from experts speaking to the importance of ensuring your W2 and contract employees are categorized properly and the steep financial penalties misclassification can lead to, while banking and legal experts shared what you should know before diving into a merger or acquisition.

Every great team need leaders who are equal to the tasks ahead, and our Executives of the Year featured 21 individuals who value leading with integrity and compassion. Those notable executives shared the issue’s spotlight with 22 nonprofits that are also dedicated to making South Jersey a great place to live, work and visit, from caring for its smallest critters to meeting its greatest needs. We also explored some of the ways small businesses are finding resources and joining forces to be stronger than ever, the crucial role corporate philanthropy plays in supporting some of the region’s most beloved nonprofit organizations, and the pros and cons of adopting automation to supplement a diminished workforce.

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