Serial Burglar Still on the Loose

Serial Burglar Still on the Loose Earlier this week, NBC 10 News reported on a rash of burglaries in several suburban Philadelphia communities. Now it appears that the break-ins may be more widespread than police first thought.

On Thursday, police in Aston Township said NBC 10's report prompted a flood of phone calls from concerned residents. Officers have compared notes with police departments in more than a dozen municipalities. Police said it looks as if they are dealing with a burglar who has struck more than 100 times over a four-county area.

On Tuesday, NBC 10 reported there had been nine burglaries in the small town of Aston Township alone.

By comparing notes, detectives said they believe they can link one man to burglaries in Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, and in Burlington County, N.J.

More than 60 homes were hit during August. Police said the burglar took only cash and jewelry. He has been spotted several times but he has gotten away.

"He has been confronted, and then continued to commit more burglaries after being confronted, on the same day. Which is odd, in that most people, if they are going to hit a house like this and they are confronted, they're going to say, 'Ok, I've had enough,' and call it quits for the day, where this guy continues on," said Detective John Dell of the Aston Police Department.

Detectives from 16 municipalities that have been hit are planning a meeting next week to pool their resources and cooperate on a way to find the burglar.

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