Robbers Arrested

Robbers Arrested Two people are under arrest for some unusual and dangerous robberies in south New Jersey.

Police said Andrew Belko, 20, and Paige Gaughn, 18, of the Winona section of Deptford, grabbed the women and dragged them with their moving car in order to steal their money, but the robbers only got $15 out of both encounters. Jacquelyn String, 19, of National Park, N.J., said she was leaving the Target store in Deptford when Belko pulled up to her in a black Honda Civic. She said he asked her if she had a $10 bill for two $5 bills.

"He took the $10 right out of my hand and started to drive away. Well, my first instinct was to grab onto the car. So, I grabbed onto the car and he drug me, like, a quarter through the parking lot," String remembered.

String let go before she fell and didn't get hurt. The suspects sped off with her cash.

"Scary, because it never happened to me before," String said.

About three hours later, police said, Belko and Gaughn drove up to a 21-year-old Mount Ephraim, N.J., woman who was holding cash outside the Ruby Tuesday restaurant at the Deptford Mall.

"We believe she had money in her hand, they pulled up, grabbed the money, fled, also dragging her. She sustained minor injuries and was taken to Cooper Hospital where she was treated and released. We believe they got $5 out of that particular robbery," said Lt. John Weatherby, of the Deptford Township police.

A mall security officer spotted the car's license plate number. Police issued a statewide bulletin and the two were found on Interstate 676 in Camden, N.J.

Both suspects are still behind bars because neither one has posted bail.

Police said they are trying to determine if Belko and Gaughn are also responsible for a robbery that happened at a nearby shopping center last week.

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