`Victim` Made up Story

`Victim` Made up Story A kidnapping and rape that was reported at a PATCO station, turns out to not have happened at all, officials said.

Brianne Bellott, 27, of Williamsport, Pa., claimed that she had been kidnapped from the station's parking lot Tuesday afternoon in Lindenwold, N.J. Bellott said that her attacker threw her in a car, put a bag over her head and drove her to a house. She told authorities that her alleged captor repeatedly raped her and force-fed her cocaine.

Bellott told authorities she eventually was dumped in the woods. She said she stumbled to the side of a road where she managed to flag down a passing motorist.

The story evoked terrible memories of Christine Eberle, who had been abducted from a Camden PATCO station and raped and murdered in 2001.

There were questions, however, about the veracity of the current alleged abduction. Officials wondered how it could have happened in broad daylight at a crowded train stop.

Camden County prosecutors discovered that Bellott had made up the whole story to cover up a crack-cocaine smoking binge in Philadelphia, and to allegedly avoid the revocation of her probation on an assault charge.

"She was aware of the fact that, at that point in time, her subsequent probation hearing was 30 days later. And, as a result of the amount of crack cocaine that she had ingested, she would have tested positive," said Vincent Sarubbi, the Camden County prosecutor.

Bellott faces charges of filing a false police report and fabricating evidence for allegedly smearing dirt on her face and creating an artificial crime scene.

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