Camden Deacon Admits Abuse

Camden Deacon Admits Abuse Police are trying to identify other possible victims of a Camden deacon, who is accused of fondling two boys at a church sleepover Friday night.

Police said that Lawrence Johnson Jr., 29, has confessed to the crime and to sexually assaulting other children in the past.

Johnson first went to the reverend at his church.

"He said, 'Am I going to go to jail?' I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'Can I have my Bible?' I said, 'Sure,'" said the Rev. Melvin Allen, of the New Mickle Baptist Church.

It has been a heavy burden for Allen. Johnson served as a deacon and Sunday school superintendent for the church.

"I asked him if he did, in fact, try to molest one of these children. And he said, 'Yes pastor, I did,'" Allen said.

"He has also indicated that they were other victims that may have been involved," said Camden County prosecutor Vincent Sarubbi.

Sarubbi was asked how many more victims there may be and he said that it could be more than 10.

According to Allen, Johnson grew up attending New Mickle Baptist Church. He said Johnson was known and liked by everyone at the church and in the community and that is what makes the case so shocking.

Allen called police after speaking with Johnson.

"I said, 'Is there a problem here?' He said, 'Yes Pastor.' I said, 'Did you do it?' He said, 'Yes,'" Allen said.

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