Man Accidentally Kills Robber

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Man Accidentally Kills Robber Robert O'Neal said the men robbed him and threatened his two teenage daughters Monday night outside his house on Route 29 in Trenton.

Police said the gunmen pulled out pistols and took $1,500 and credit cards from O'Neal. When they took off, O'Neal got in his car and chased them. O'Neal said he didn't chase the men because of the money. He chased them because they threatened his family.

"He put a gun in my face, threatened to kill me or rape my daughters. I wanted to get my property back. They knew where I lived. I was afraid they were going to come back and hurt my kids," O'Neal said.

The suspects took off in a station wagon and O'Neal followed so he could get the car's license number. The robbers started shooting at O'Neal's vehicle and O'Neal rammed their car.

"I didn't want them to get away. This happens all the time, and all the time they get away," O'Neal said.

Police believe O'Neal accidentally ran over and killed one of the suspects. Two other suspects are under arrest -- Kyle Gibson, 19, and a 15-year-old. One gunman is still on the loose.

O'Neal said that his daughters are very distraught. He said that he is a single parent and has raised his children by himself for 15 years.

"Now I've lost our only means of transportation. How am I going to get back and forth to work? But (at least) my family is safe," O'Neal said.

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Author: Copyright 2004 by All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.



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