SPCA Horrified At Abuse

SPCA Horrified At Abuse A case of animal abuse has horrified workers at a local Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, who need your help catching the person who beat and tortured a female puppy.

The puppy was discovered near the SPCA, beaten and left for dead with a bag over its head.

"This dog was beaten to the edge of its death," said Bev Greco of the Cumberland County SPCA.

Greco said it was the worst case of animal cruelty she's ever seen.

"The animal had a broken left front shoulder, the back right leg was broken, had a large gash and wound on the inside of the back left leg," she said.

The dog was discovered in a dumpster on Saturday. The 6-month-old pit bull was inside a box, with the plastic bag tied over its head.

Somehow, the animal chewed its way out.

"That was her tail," said Greco, showing NBC 10 pictures taken at the scene. "This is the bone here, you'll see in another view, it's cut and hanging by a thread."

The dog was in such pain that care workers decided they had to euthanize the puppy.

As for who's responsible, Greco said they have a suspect.

"We're interviewing more people in (a nearby apartment) complex and what we're hoping is that maybe through this broadcast even we'll get some calls from the neighbors," Greco said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Cumberland County SPCA at (856) 651-1500, or call the Vineland, N.J., police.

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