Ice Rink Closes Abruptly

by NBC10/AP | Jan 5, 2005
Ice Rink Closes Abruptly Members of some local ice hockey and figure skating groups said they didn't know they were skating on thin ice until the Medford Ice Rink abruptly closed.

Skaters arrived Monday to find the front door chained shut without notice.

Rink owners recently admitted there were financial problems.

Some say the warning signs were there and they should have seen this coming.

"You could slowly see it degrading," said hockey player Brenden Hellyer. "Soon the pro-shop wasn't open, the snack stand and then our practice facility getting canceled."

For the Medford skating club, there are crucial competitions coming up.

"Practice is the key to having a good performance," said figure skater Amanda Martin. "Without practice, your performance will probably fall apart."

Rink owners told parents the Zamboni broke and the refrigeration system failed, causing them to have to close.

But many people are upset because they have already paid the rink $2,100 for each person for ice time.

"We can get ice time, but our parents have to dish out more money for us to have ice time that we should have had," said hockey player Brian Taylor.

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"To have this happen and for us to be scrambling like this at the latter part of the season, it's just a disappointment," said parent Bob Hellyer.

NBC 10 spoke with one of the rinks' owners Monday night who said he is trying to place all of the skaters at other rinks and wanted to thank the Flyers' SkateZone for volunteering as much time as they could.

But owners also say it will take much more than a quick fix to solve their financial problems.

Author: NBC10/AP



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