Camden County Man Pleads Guilty

by NBC10/AP | Jun 8, 2005
Camden County Man Pleads Guilty A Camden County man pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to two murders, both committed during robbery attempts earlier this year, and said that during one killing he also forced his stepson to stab the victim.

Anthony Rodesky (pictured, left), 35, struck a plea deal to serve 60 years in state prison. The deal spares him the possibility of facing the death penalty and spares his wife, Ranota Rodesky, from being prosecuted for hiding the gun her husband used in the murders.

Rodesky matter-of-factly told state Superior Court Judge Linda G. Baxter in Camden about the murders. The first was in Maple Shade on March 22 when Rodesky was attempting to rob hotel owner, Ranjit "Randy" Patel.

"I was going to rob him. He screamed. I shot him," Rodesky said.

Rodesky said on April 1 he shot James F. Mickno, 45, owner of Floor Decor in Maple Shade, seven times.

Rodesky said his stepson, 17-year-old Andrew Hamilton, heard the shots in their Berlin Township home and came to see what was going on.

"I stuck my gun to his (stepson) head and told him to stab him or I would kill him," Rodesky said.

Hamilton is charged in juvenile court with murder. Prosecutors are seeking to have his case moved to adult court.

In Tuesday's plea hearing, Rodesky also denied that he was a state police informant, which had been reported by a Philadelphia TV station.

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Author: NBC10/AP



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