Students with Cameras--Photovoices

by Press Release-Burlington County | Feb 6, 2006
Students with Cameras--Photovoices A group of teens from Pemberton Township High School are involved in a new photography project co-sponsored by the Burlington County Health Department to enhance their creative leadership and communication skills, and expand awareness and dialogue in the community about youth issues. Called “Through Our Eyes: Portraits of a Community,” 10 young adults have been given cameras to express their “Photovoice” on issues that are important to them.

“Like the saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ teens learn to express their feelings and ideas in a nontraditional way, and gain empowerment through a public voice,” said Freeholder Dawn Marie Addiego. “This is one more way to further our goals for healthy, happy adolescents.”

The pilot project is coordinated by Burlington County’s Community Partnership for Healthy Adolescents and Drenk Behavioral Health Center’s Youth Services Program in association with the Center for The Arts in Morganville. Funding comes from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services’ Child and Adolescent Health Program.

The Burlington County students are participating in the Photovoice project along with two other groups from Bergen County. The students are in training now prior to going out into the community with their cameras. The photographs will be publicly exhibited in June.

The dates and locations of the exhibit will be publicized in the spring. For more information, contact Elfrieda Francis, coordinator for the Community Partnership for Healthy Adolescents, at (609) 265-5290 or

For the Pemberton Township High School coordinator, contact Jennifer Baughman-Rodier, director of School Based Youth Services Programs, at (609) 893-8141 x 2918.

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Author: Press Release-Burlington County



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