Weights and Measures Video Available

by Press Release-Burlington County | May 9, 2006
Weights and Measures Video Available The Burlington County Department of Weights and Measures has an educational and informational video available for schools and groups that would like to learn about what the division does to ensure consumers get what they pay for.

“Our goal is to expand the message to the public as to what they can do to protect themselves from consumer fraud and to make sure they get what they pay for in the marketplace,’’ Addiego said.

“The public in general is not aware that Weights and Measures is in the marketplace everyday, inspecting all devices that weigh, measure, time and count to ensure consumers get what they pay for,’’ County Special Superintendent of Weights and Measures Renee Borstad said. “This video is a great introduction, especially for students, as to what our inspectors do and how they do it.’’

The 19-minute video is in DVD format and available to any school or community-based organization interested in learning about consumer protection. Contact the Department of Weights and Measures at 609-265-5098 to arrange to get a DVD or view the video on the county web site’s (www.co.burlington.nj.us) main page.

Addiego narrated the video that was prepared by the County Office of Public Information and Department of Weights and Measures, and produced by the Burlington County College Video Communications Department.

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Author: Press Release-Burlington County



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