Snow Removal Program in Place

by Press Release-Camden County | Feb 17, 2007
Snow Removal Program in Place Camden County’s Senior Snow Removal Program is ready to deal with significant snow accumulation to help infirm elderly and disabled residents get out of their homes for necessities, such as prescriptions or doctors’ visits. The program uses Camden County Jail inmates who are carefully screened, non-violent offenders who are guarded at all times on the job site.

This is the eleventh consecutive winter the Freeholders are offering a snow removal program for at-risk Senior Citizens and disabled residents. It is coordinated by Freeholder Joseph Ripa, liaison to the Department of Corrections and Camden County Division of Emergency Management. Please note the Senior Snow Removal Program has specific guidelines that will go into effect after each snowstorm of 4 or more inches of accumulation. At-risk elderly or disabled residents must adhere to the following procedures each time:

The Snow Removal Program will go into effect only AFTER 4 inches of snow have fallen on the ground in our area. At that time, at-risk senior and disabled residents can contact the Camden County Division of Emergency Management at (856) 783-4808 ext. 5060, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Calls for snow removal will not be taken until after it has stopped snowing. Work crews will be dispatched only after it has stopped snowing. The work crews will remove snow only during daylight hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Crews will respond to calls in the order they are received and will service as many residents as possible each day. There are no guaranteed times when the crews will arrive at a residence.

The Department of Corrections will supply the needed equipment. The program does not supply salt or ice-melting chemicals, but crews will dispense them if supplied by residents. Contact and conversation between the inmates and the public are prohibited. Gratuities and gifts or money, food, drink or any other item is strictly prohibited.

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Author: Press Release-Camden County



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