Haddonfield Student Makes Deal

by NBC 10 | Aug 20, 2007
The investigation could widen in the case of the South Jersey teen drinking party that left a home in shambles.

Other teens who were involved could soon be revealed as part of a plea agreement Friday.

Attorney Thomas Shusted Jr. said it was difficult for his client, a Haddonfield High School student, to finger 10 other students who were allegedly at a wild party in March.

"He stepped up to the plate," Shusted said. "Peer pressure kept him quiet but he had to do the right thing." The student, who NBC 10 is not identifying, cut a deal to get his charges reduced in exchange for identifying 10 additional students as part of his plea agreement.

Investigators said about 70 Haddonfield High School students attended a party at a Haddonfield home March 3 while the owners were away.

At the time prosecutors had only identified 12 students and charged them with criminal mischief.

Police said the students snuck into the home while the owners were away, caused $18,000 worth of damage, defecated in a piano and performed sex acts on stuffed animals.

On Friday, several students pleaded guilty to criminal trespass, escaping the more serious charges of criminal mischief and burglary, which could have resulted in possible jail time.

"My client took a deal," defense attorney Len Baker said.

Prosecutors said all 12 students have been sentenced to anywhere from six months to one year probation and restitution.

Nine of the students were sentenced to probation in June.

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Author: NBC 10



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