Free Workshops for Teachers

by Press Release-CCC | Oct 20, 2007
Free Workshops for Teachers Camden County College is offering dozens of free workshops this semester to help teachers create lessons and earn professional development credit. All sessions are open to the public as well.

CCC is a Department of Education Professional Development Provider for New Jersey and an Act 48 Continuing Professional Education Provider for Pennsylvania. These workshops provide educators with fresh material for their classrooms while satisfying requirements for maintaining their certifications.

Each of the following will take place on the college’s Blackwood Campus. Although all are being offered on a tuition-free basis, registration is required to attend.

Scheduled in October are “Hitler: Warlord and Perpetrator of Genocide” (Oct. 22); “The Future of Terrorism” (Oct. 22); “The Assassinations of Rasputin and the Russian Royal Family” (Oct. 22); “Shakespeare in Movies and the Issue of Authorship” (Oct. 23); “Evolution: Origins of Life” (Oct. 23); “Staff Safety” (Oct. 24); “The Irish Film Industry: A Work in Progress” (Oct. 25); “The Lindbergh Kidnapping” (Oct. 29); “Evolution: Changing Earth” (Oct. 30); “Shakespeare, Sword Fighting and Courtly Graces” (Oct. 30); and “Archaeology and the Religion of Ancient Israel” (Oct. 31).

Planned in November are “Irish Musical Traditions: In Tune” (Nov. 1); “Everyday Microbiology: Cold or Flu?” (Nov. 2); “Medicine and Health” (Nov. 2); “Estuarine Communities” (Nov. 3); “Evolution: What It Is and What It Isn’t” (Nov. 6); “Respond Rather Than React!” (Nov. 7); “Greeks, Persians and Other Origins of East Versus West” (Nov. 7); “Everyday Microbiology: Germs Are All Around Us” (Nov. 9); “Mysteries of the Universe: Physics and Astronomy” (Nov. 9); “Shoreline Communities” (Nov. 10); “England in Film: Medieval Kingship” (Nov. 12); “The Real Da Vinci Code: The Stage is Set” (Nov. 13); “Evolution: On Becoming Modern” (Nov. 13); “Team-Building” (Nov. 14); “Everyday Microbiology: Emerging Diseases” (Nov. 16); “Human Behavior” (Nov. 16); “Open Ocean/Deep Sea Floor Communities” (Nov. 17); “England in Film: Romeo and Juliet” (Nov. 19); “The Real Da Vinci Code: The Beginning” (Nov. 20); “Evolution: Bringing It All Together” (Nov. 20); “Tropical Coral Reef Communities” (Nov. 24); “The Real Da Vinci Code: The Middle” (Nov. 27); “Family Life Cycle Theory” (Nov. 28); “Everyday Microbiology: Resistant Bacteria” (Nov. 30); and “Bigger, Better, Faster: Technology” (Nov. 30).

Slated in December are “Polar Sea Communities” (Dec. 1); “England in Film: The Empire” (Dec. 3); “The Real Da Vinci Code: High Renaissance” (Dec. 4); “Diversity as a Resource in the Educational Setting” (Dec. 5); “Everyday Microbiology: Alzheimer’s Disease and Prions” (Dec. 7); “Earth and Life Sciences” (Dec. 7); “England in Film: World War II” (Dec. 10); “The Real Da Vinci Code: Annerism” (Dec. 11); “How to Integrate School and Home Life” (Dec. 12); and “England in Film: Post-War, Post-Imperial, Post-Industrial, Post-Great” (Dec. 17).

For details or to register, contact (856) 227-7200, ext. 4256, or

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Author: Press Release-CCC



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