Eagles control their own playoff destiny

by Marc Narducci | Dec 14, 2021
Eagles control their own playoff destiny

After a bye week, the Eagles get back to action and are very much in the playoff hunt, despite a 6-7 record.

With seven teams qualifying for the playoffs in each conference, there are many candidates for the No. 6 and No. 7 spots in the NFC.

The San Francisco 49ers (7-6) are currently occupying the No. 6 spot, while the Washington Football Team (6-7) owns the No. 7 spot.

As of now, the Detroit Lions are the only one of the 16 NFC teams that has been eliminated.

Here is a look at the Eagles and the teams they will be competing with for the final two playoff spots. We will only use teams with six or more wins even though those with five and four are still mathematically alive. Teams are listed according to their seeds and their remaining schedules. Records are through Sunday.

6. San Francisco (7-6)

Remaining schedule: Dec. 19 Atlanta (6-7), Dec. 23 at Tennessee (9-4), Jan. 2 Houston (2-11), Jan. 9 at LA Rams (8-4). Predicted outcome: 9-7.

7. Washington Football Team (6-7)

Remaining schedule: Dec. 19 at Eagles (6-7); Dec. 26 at Dallas (9-4), Jan. 2 Eagles (6-7), Jan. 9 at NY Giants (4-9). Predicted outcome: 9-7.

8. Minnesota Vikings (6-7)

Remaining schedule: Dec. 20 at Chicago (4-9), Dec. 26: LA Rams (8-4), Jan. 2 at Green Bay (10-3), Jan. 9 Chicago (4-9). Predicted outcome: 8-9.

9. Eagles: (6-7)

Remaining schedule: Dec. 19 Washington (6-7), Dec. 26 NY Giants (4-9), Jan. 2 at Washington (6-7), Jan. 9 Dallas (9-4). Predicted outcome: 9-7.

10. Atlanta Falcons (6-7)

Remaining schedule: Dec. 19 at San Francisco (7-6), Dec. 26 Detroit (1-11-1), Jan. 2 at Buffalo (7-6), Jan. 9 New Orleans (6-7). Predicted outcome: 8-9.

11. New Orleans (6-7)

Remaining schedule: Dec. 19 at Tampa Bay (10-3), Dec. 27 Miami (6-7), Jan. 2 Carolina (5-8), Jan. 9 at Atlanta (6-7). Predicted outcome: 7-10.

According to our projections we have the Eagles earning playoff spot along with San Francisco.

We have the Eagles going 3-1 the rest of the way. Even if they go 2-2, the Eagles should still be very much in the hunt.

While most people have the Eagles splitting with Washington, the Eagles have the ability to sweep The Football Team, especially with the string of injuries.

One big advantage is that the Eagles are coming off a bye. They have gotten to rest up (giving Jalen Hurts another week to rest his ankle) and they should be fresh for the stretch run.

What also helps the Eagles is that they have beaten New Orleans and Atlanta, wo they would earn the head to head tiebreaker matchup.

One other factor will be where Dallas is in the picture when the Eagles host the Cowboys in the final game of the season.

If Dallas has already clinched the division, but can’t earn the lone first round bye, it will be interesting if the Cowboys will rest many of their starters for that final game.

Either way, the Eagles control their own destiny and the two games against Washington will be the key.


Photo courtesy Philadelphia Eagles

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Author: Marc Narducci


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